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This is a translation of information about Stockholm School of the Arts and our activities. In contact with us and in tuition, we speak and write in Swedish.

At the Stockholm School of the Arts, we offer an opportunity for you to learn and be able to express yourself through the areas of music, singing, theatre, musicals, dance, circus, art and media. You can discover totally new interests and make new friends. The classes are aimed at students between the ages of 6 to 22 years old. Our classes take place after school, so you can take part during your own free time.

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Our courses

You can choose between hundreds of our courses in the areas of music, theatre, dance, circus, art and media. We have courses that last a full term as well as shorter courses on many different levels depending on the student’s experience. All the courses are listed online on our website. Our fees range from SEK 750 to SEK 950 per term. For this, we guarantee that you'll have around twelve lessons each term, and that you can shape and have an influence over your tuition. Shorter courses, consisting of three to six lessons, cost between SEK 300 to SEK 500.

If you choose one of our music courses, but you do not have your own instrument, you can hire one from the Stockholm School of the Arts' instrument store. Subject to availability but, we hire most instruments, except recorders and pianos.

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Our teaching

At the Stockholm School of the Arts you'll be taught in groups. In subjects focusing on music, there will be two or more students. In theatre, dance and art you will be in bigger groups. It is often preferred to have bigger groups as it is also easier to be inspired by each other within a group. You have your own chance to influence your lessons. Together with your teacher, you develop your artistic talent and techniques. Teaching takes place in your free time, after school. The language used in teaching is Swedish.

If you have a functional impairment, you can explore your creativity based on your own situation. We offer courses that are adapted as far as possible, to best meet your needs and preferences.

Further, the Stockholm School of the Arts offers other classes within music and dance named “KAP”, which are the schools advanced programs. These are a good opportunity for you who has a bit of knowledge in the subject already or is up for a challenge!

Our teachers

The teachers at the School of the Arts are well-qualified, very experienced and committed. They have educational and artistic qualifications at university level. Our technicians, set designers and costume designers help to create professional performances and events for all the students.

We're near to you

Teaching takes place in our own premises and in different schools around the city. We have fully equipped premises with stages, lighting and sound equipment, props and costume stores. We also have arts and crafts workshops, dance rooms, studios and music rooms.

 Karta över tunnelbanestationerna där Kulturskolans lokaler finns

K = our own premises
We also have activities in more than 70 schools in the City of Stockholm.


You can attend our courses if you're aged between 6 and 22 and live in Stockholm.

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You can use filters there for subject, age, area, day of the week et cetera.

Contact us
If you have any questions or need help, please get in contact with us! In the contact center just as with teaching, it is all carried out in Swedish.

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